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UpGrade's Mission

To support ASL/English interpreters working in K-12 classroom environments through empowerment, education, and networking opportunities.

Who is UpGrade?

UpGrade Conference was created in 2014 by Donna Flanders and Bruce Finkbone, both nationally certified interpreters working in a school for the Deaf. They shared a passion for offering support to K-12 interpreters in mainstream education programs and decided to put together a conference, including stellar presenters to speak on current topics. Ten years later, UpGrade is finally back!

Who should attend UpGrade Conference?

UpGrade Conference is specifically designed for ASL/English interpreters working in K-12 classroom environments. However, any ASL/English interpreter working in the field of education, teachers of the Deaf, paraprofessionals, interpreter educators, educational administrators, and the like would certainly benefit from the topics of discussion and networking opportunities that UpGrade provides. We hope you'll join us.

Need a letter for your employer? We've got you covered!

Need a conference flier? Click here to download!

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